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Techzilla agents are your go-to experts for all your technology needs. They’re your resource to help keep your Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone protected and performing like the day you brought it home.

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Trust us with your tech. Techzilla services major brands and can handle almost any computer-related repair, from logicboards to low RAM, in our local Repair Labs.

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Call now to get personalized care like you have never experienced before. Get unlimited tech support for your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Any question, any time.

Tech Support

Get 24/7, remote, U.S.-based technical support for your PC, Mac, software, digital cameras, smartphones, printers, MP3 players and tablets. Count on a specialized level of support to help you get the most out of your technology investment.
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Computer Repair

Hardware issues are diagnosed and repaired using certified parts in our state-of-the-art Computer Repair Center. Give us your cracked screens, ruined motherboards, and malfunctioning displays. We can fix it.
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Techzilla offers the most cash for your used mobile devices. Find out how much your device is worth and get paid fast.
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Our writers decipher the technical jargon and deliver the technology news you want in a fun and helpful way. You’ll also get an insider’s look at life in Techzilla City, our sprawling campus we call “The Google of the South”, get to know our agents through guest posts and so much more.
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More About Techzilla

At Techzilla, we take technology seriously. Our staff is thoroughly trained in a broad spectrum of interest, consisting of computer, mobile device and small electronics tech support, repair and servicing. With the resources offered to both maintain and update your current systems and peripherals, Techzilla is a one-stop option for any technical circumstance.

Our primary location of knowledge is in Computer maintenance and repair. Among the most popular computer brand names which we focus on servicing are Apple, Dell, Gateway, HP, Samsung and Toshiba. These cutting-edge leaders in computer technology have amplitudes of peripheral gadgets which we also take pride in servicing promptly.

Operating systems are at the core of all computer systems and are the single most prone software to interference and damages triggered by other software application. Our certified staff has actually been trained in both Apple and Microsoft operating systems and can restore your lost data in case of a crash or computer virus infection. We provide cloud based services to help recuperate devices. So even in case of a system-wide reinstall of your OS, your data will still be safe.

Class-A rated tech support is a must have in maintaining any electronic equipment. Techzilla will guide you with a strong recovery and provide adequate amounts of all necessary technical aid if and when bad luck strikes and your system comes to a screeching stop.

With peripheral devices varying from simple to change mice and keyboards, some devices need particular attention. LCD and LED TV's and displays are priceless devices which provide smooth access to nearly all locations of a computer system.

Oftentimes it isn't really a conventional computer system or tablet gadget that requires technical aid. Techzilla is proud to offer extremely specific proficiency in the repair work of video game consoles. The inner workings of a newer console resemble closely that of a pc system. In actuality, these systems are computers, however with a specialized and functionality, which is in offering stunning graphics, clear noise capabilities, and obviously, state of the art gameplay.

Our technicians take this understanding to the heart and are excited to get your portable devices back up to par and completely working. Fortunately, aid is just minutes away if you call our support number, where one of our friendly tech support personnel will be readily available to provide the best in iPhone support and Android Support.

Techzilla is a one-stop option for any tech support issues. We provide hardware, software application and peripheral services, consisting of upgrades and repair services. Call our support number now to see how far we can take your system or to get your gear back on track!

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